LiquID Station is a real-time industrial water analyzer designed to significantly reduce operating expenses, enable real-time event detection, and improve water quality.

Cost Savings

LiquID real-time wastewater analysis of parameters such as E. coli, BOD, TSS, NO2+NO3, TOC, COD, and chlorine, has enabled plants to reduce disinfection spending by 60% while also reducing lab costs and improving water quality.

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HMA Reagentless Technology

The LiquID station utilizes Hybrid Multispectral Analysis (HMA) invented by ZAPS, providing reliable multi-parameter water analysis every 2 minutes. HMA's reagentless optical approach has incredibly low maintenance needs, qualifying as a 'green' technology.

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Case Studies

ZAPS has many application notes and Case Studies of customers using LiquID Stations ranging from environmental monitoring through wastewater monitoring.

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