The LiquID Station

A Leap Forward in Online Monitoring

The LiquID Station from ZAPS Technologies is an instrument for continuous, online water-quality monitoring. LiquID features a host of unique innovations to provide for the reliable and nearly maintenance-free continuous monitoring of a range of key parameters for operators in the water treatment, wastewater treatment, water reuse and other industrial applications.

Cost Savings:

Real-Time monitoring of Total Free Chlorine and E. coli can save tens of thousands of dollars through process optimization. Learn how the Corvallis WWTP is saving over $70,000 a year by optimizing their disinfectant process using LiquID Stations.
Cost Savings – ZAPS Technologies LiquID Station & E.coli Based Disinfectant Pacing

The City of Grand Rapids is also saving tens of thousands of dollars a year by controlling their ultraviolet treatment in real-time using LiquID Stations.
Real-Time E. coli Ultraviolet Control

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